Ski Town Escape Rooms

If you are looking for fun family activities in Steamboat Springs our escape rooms will be perfect for many groups. Our escape rooms in Steamboat Springs offer creative and intriguing puzzles sure to entertain everyone. The Steamboat Springs escape rooms are fun themed and you are able to leave at any possible time. Contact Ski Town Escape Rooms for a unique adventure today.

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Cash Out

The owner of an exclusive mountain casino is looking to hire a team for a special mission. He has set up an elaborate test for you to complete during your interview, you must enter his posh private lounge and follow each of his clues in order to retrieve the diamond he keeps on display....and then escape with it! You have one hour to complete this test in order to get the job. Learn more....

One hour. Grab the diamond. Get out!

Rain Fall

Investigating the case of a missing little girl, renown Steamboat investigator Roger Knight has mysteriously disappeared. You must pick up where he left off and find any leads he might have left for you in his office. Find the girl’s location and alert the authorities before you suffer the same fate as Mr. Knight. Learn more....

Can you save her?

Ski Town Escape Rooms

1125 Lincoln Ave.
Steamboat Springs, CO